Sunday, 7 September 2008


I'm going to give up trying for first to finds!

Parked near a cache today which had not been published more than half an hour, and I was a little uncertain at where my GPSr was pointing me. As I sat in the car, I checked my pda, only to find that none of the cache data had transferred! Right, I thought, I'll 'phone home. Just as my call was answered, my GPSr ran out of battery, closely followed by my 'phone losing connection! Scrambled around for some spare batteries, 'phoned again, confirmed co-ords… by now it was tipping it down with rain. Oh well, on we go. Crossed the busy road (because I wasn't sure if I could park down the road that leads to the cache … you can!) and just as I came up to the turning, I saw another local cacher drive down.

I found him signing the log, so I had to make myself scarce while they replaced it. Not the first time this has happened, I think I'll retire from FTFs!

Good cache though!