Saturday, 27 September 2008

Thursday night, Friday morning

Bagged a couple of great church-based caches on Thursday evening after work. One of them, a micro, was an excellent hide and had been annoying me for ages, ever since I'd missed out on a FTF quite simply because I couldn't find it! A very good but simple hide and well worth a visit, even if only to look at the picturesque church (GC1DH6A).

The second was a new multi, which involved me collecting clues from a graveyard at twilight … I loved it! Took me about twenty minutes to find the clues and the final was fairly straightforward, but an immensely enjoyable cache all the same (GC1GFN8).

Always a glutton for punishment, I was up early on Friday morning to try for a FTF on a new micro. There'd already been two DNFs on this, so I thought I'd give it a go before work. Took me about fifteen minutes of wandering up-and-down before the penny dropped and I found the cache. A clever hide (GC1GJRH) and worth a go. If you study the description well before you go, you might even make it a cache and dash!