Monday, 26 January 2009


Finally reached my 400th cache a week ago! A splendid cache near Framlingham Castle called "L.M.B.B" Box (GC1GJ2D). I found this after the very agreeable Suffolk Stroll series and made a perfect end to a great day's caching. Recommended!

Never give up on a TB!

I posted this a few days ago on the East Anglian Cachers Forum, but I think it wouldn't hurt to repeat it …

My first ever TB, The Claudius Bug, went missing in the US in June. It was placed in a cache in NY state and disappeared. It turned out that the owner of the cache had picked it up to protect it from a TB thief. So, after a few weeks thinking it was lost, it turns up in another cache, and then … nothing. I posted a note on the cache page, asking the next cacher to find it to have a look to see if my TB was still there. The response was negative. Definitely not there. I was on the verge of marking it as missing when, just yesterday, almost seven months after its last log, it turns up in the bottom of a back pack! The guy who picked it up had completely forgotten about it and has just found it and has now moved it on … and I'm very grateful.

So, if any of you have ever had a TB go missing … never give up! It may yet turn up!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hadleigh Geobache

Well, it's been an age since I last blogged, but I'm back!

Did another big lump of the Chiltern Hundred series a couple of weeks back, and I'm now on 69. One more visit should see me get to the 100 and then I'll be able to grab the bonus!

It looks like my geocoin may yet get it's icon. Another 105 coins have been minted which should mean that the elusive icon will be possible.

There's lots going on geocaching-wise in the Essex Country Parks … watch this space!

But by far the highlight of the last month has been the Hadleigh Country Park Geobache! What a fantastic day out. Brilliantly organised, some stunning caches, old and new, and great company. I spent the day with kevanjue and andy_uk63 and we managed 17 caches in the park and another on the way home (via the pub for a nice meal). The weather was perfect, and great day was had by all. I even picked up my bright shiny new East Anglia Cachers geocoins. It doesn't get much better than this!