Monday, 26 January 2009

Never give up on a TB!

I posted this a few days ago on the East Anglian Cachers Forum, but I think it wouldn't hurt to repeat it …

My first ever TB, The Claudius Bug, went missing in the US in June. It was placed in a cache in NY state and disappeared. It turned out that the owner of the cache had picked it up to protect it from a TB thief. So, after a few weeks thinking it was lost, it turns up in another cache, and then … nothing. I posted a note on the cache page, asking the next cacher to find it to have a look to see if my TB was still there. The response was negative. Definitely not there. I was on the verge of marking it as missing when, just yesterday, almost seven months after its last log, it turns up in the bottom of a back pack! The guy who picked it up had completely forgotten about it and has just found it and has now moved it on … and I'm very grateful.

So, if any of you have ever had a TB go missing … never give up! It may yet turn up!