Monday, 10 August 2009


In between the torrential downpours, I managed to fit in a few caches in and around the Lake District while we were there a couple of weeks ago. I must say, there are some excellent caches up here, including some real crackers by the Smileys.
I managed not to get scratched to bits like I normally do, which is always nice, and we managed to have a pleasant, if very damp, holiday.

One bonus was a coffee shop in Keswick which I walked the mile or so down to nearly every morning. It had free wireless internet, so I sat there in the mornings, before the rest of the family was up, with a hug cup of coffee logging the previous day's caches on my pda and reading the paper. Very civilised!

Didn't get to do as much walking as I would have liked, because of the weather, but I managed to get along a disused railway line, just outside Keswick. This had one or two caches dotted along it, but it was a really enjoyable walk, with several bridges over the river that provided some gorgeous views.

My favourite cache of the week was one I didn't find! I climbed up a hill with the eldest gt junior to find a really spectacular view of the surrounding Lakes. The bracken was obviously enjoying it up there, as it was thick and everywhere. We think we knew where the cache was, but, because of the undergrowth, the spot looked like a sheer drop. Probably wasn't, but I wasn't going to risk it! Really hope to get back to this one, as the place is a delight. GC1BPQT, Elterwater View, if you're ever up that way; I'd recommended it!