Monday, 10 August 2009


Spent the weekend in Weston-super-Mare doing a spot of caching and visiting the 2nd UK Mega Event.

Was great to catch up with my old mate Satellite Kid and meet some other camping/caching nutters. Spent the Saturday evening sitting around a blazing(!) fire on one of the campsites in the illustrious company of House of Boo, Birdman of Lisketraz, Bambography, Satellite Kid, flying420uk and lots of others. Brilliant night.

I've been to a few events, but I've never camped at one. I do believe that I shall be doing a bit more of this when I can! Had a great laugh … pity the beer was crap! (not yours Jon, that was lovely!) The campsite shop was a trifle lacking in the alcoholic beverage department.

The weather was just about as perfect as it could be and I went of with S.kid to do a couple of caches early on before going to the camping event at 4pm. Met up with the Cartooners en-route and teamed up with them for a while.

Then we sat on the beach for a few hours, drinking beer, watching kites and generally having a laugh. Then off we went (when it started getting a bit chilly) to sit around the fire.

Got a few silly pics that I'll post as soon as I get 'em off the camera … you'll love the cache queue!

The next day, I got up ridiculously early, packed up the tent, and trundled off to W-s-M to bag my first Wherigo cache before the start of the main event. Wandering around Weston on a Sunday morning collecting clues proved to be just what I needed to blow off the previous nights cobwebs. That completed, it was off to the Mega.

Well organised event, with a few stalls and talks going on. Nice to see so many cachers all in one place. Nipped out with Satellite Kid and flying420uk to bag a few cachers locally before going back for the opening ceremony at 1pm(!).

This cache hunt was a real experience … basically, all we had to do was spot the crowd! God only knows what the locals thought was going on … the only thing that was possibly more unusual than twenty people standing around a rock signing small bits of paper, was the presence of the Sealed Knot who were there for a re-enactment.

All good fun, though, and there really is a cracking bus shelter to look at … there's a cache there, but it has to be the most over-the-top bus shelter ever.

All-in-all, a really enjoyable day.

Oh, and I said I'd say something disparaging about a certain person, but I really can't think of anything. So Pete, if you're reading this, you're perfect … honest!

On the other hand …