Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bearing Up!

One or two things to talk about…firstly, an excellent new cache that I found a couple of weeks ago called "Back to Basics" (GC2WEKH) by HollynCharlie. Having solved the superb "Pirates of the Sole Bay" (GC2PDVP) by Mr Lifeboat recently, I'd begun to develop an interest in puzzles that involved taking bearings to find caches. "Back to Basics" is just that sort of cache. Really enjoyed working out the spot and was delighted to find that I was only 11 feet out once I found the cache! That isn't the only thing that's great about this cache, though…the walk isn't very long, but it's delightful, and the views once you get to gz are really lovely. One of my favourites.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in the company of sedwardson as we walked "Rowney Wood Ramble" (GC2FRC7) by Cassandy. This is a very nice walk and includes 14 caches of varying sizes and shapes. We had a very enjoyable couple of hours walking the four-mile route. Great stuff!

Today, I walked the "Goldhanger West" (GC2P7Z8) series by Schoolfrenz. This was another excellent walk. I started off on what I was intending to be a six-mile walk and then realised that I'd forgotten the nature reserve bit, which consisted of three multis! I'm vary glad I did, because this bit was superb! A lovely couple of miles, walking through the reserve, gathering numbers, and three very nicely hidden caches.

Back on the main route, I only had one DNF from 28 caches, so that wasn't bad going. Couple of highlights for me were watching a kestrel hoving for what seemed like hours, just a few feet away, and seeing a baby adder. I picked up a cache, signed the log and, just as I turned to replace it, the little fella slithered into the place where the cache had been. Needless to say, as soon as he saw me, he was off!

What a day to forget my camera!

All-in-all, a pretty good weekend's caching!

Monday, 16 May 2011

New Space…

Now, I've been living in Colchester for about 25 years, and yet again, I've been taken, by geocaching, to an area that I've never seen before. Not a particularly large bit of greenery, but a very pleasant one, was discovered this evening, thanks to GC2VTCJ "david and GOLIATH #1". Quite amazed when I emerged from the footpath to find a lovely green field!

Caching just keeps surprising me…

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Eastly Does It!

Nice event yesterday hosted by Simply Paul at the most easterly point in the British Isles. It was a bit blustery, and we dodged a couple of heavy showers, but it was a great little meet. Picked up a few more of the Walberswick Jaunt series by Mr. Lifeboat, on the way there. Really can't recommend this series enough; it's a really lovely walk with some cracking hides.

On the way home I picked up a few Church Micros and the latest Bassett cache. If you haven't tried any of the Bassett's caches, you're in for a treat! Easily my favourite caches of all time. They are, quite simply, brilliant!